The studio is a completely new construction designed and built from the ground up with professional recording in mind.

The latest studio construction techniques were employed here to create an acoustically superb live room, complete with rubber mounted floor, vaulted ceilings and irregularly angled walls to eliminate the potential for standing waves that may negatively impact a recording.

The "live-room" is large enough to accommodate soloists, quartets, a choir or a full band/and has adjoining isolation booths that provide a truly versatile recording environment. Equipment access to the live room is a very simple matter; a ramp leads from the parking area to a spacious receiving deck and double doors for easy load-ins.

The control room is spacious enough to accommodate producers, engineers and players; particularly instruments that use a direct feed to the mixing console such as bass, keyboards and computerized systems.

On location live recording is available for any occasion - with video recording if desired. From special family events (weddings, reunions, etc) to live gigs with a full band, no job is too big or too small.

Features Include:
  • Virtually unlimited digital tracks
    16 simultaneous analog inputs
    48 channel analog mixer
  • "Demo" or "Distribution" quality available

  • Songwriting expertise delivered '1-on-1' as you perform and record your original music in any style

  • Unlimited customized backing tracks programmable for cover tunes or original music "in your key"

  • Professional studio session musicians available

  • Arranging, production, mastering, graphics and duplication services available