Do you wish you could sing or play an instrument and just "jam" with friends?

Do you have a dream of creating and recording your own original music?

Do you think you have a musical ability that you wish had been encouraged or nurtured?

Would you like to sit with an instrument and just play without books or music?

It's all possible here at PianoJam.... just click on the links above to find out how!


A happy student!

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updated May 2020

"Henry's House Calls"

House concerts are becoming increasingly popular as
public performances. Do you have a space to put on a private performance/jam party? Bring the joy of music into your own home! Enjoy live piano, guitar and harmonica playing and singing popular faves (pop, rock, jazz, blues, R+B and more) for your gathering.

You set the stage: I will play on your piano or provide professional equipment to make a memorable musical event.



Business Holiday/Christmas events for your workplace

Live "karaoke" with projected lyrics
Jam sessions are welcome too!
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"Among the many forms in which the human spirit has
tried to express its innermost yearnings and perceptions,
music is perhaps the most universal.
It symbolizes the yearnings for harmony with oneself and with others,
with nature and with the spiritual and sacred within us and around us."

-The Dalai Lama